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The services by Pinnacle Landscape and Maintenance are designed to bring you the results you want . Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we will keep you ” in the know” every step of the way, revealing our progress as we serve you. Some of the services we provide include:


    • Lawn or Turf Maintenance, including: mowing, trimming, and removal of green waste and fertilization.
    • Planter Bed Maintenance, including: annual/perennial planting or removal, weeding, and mulching.
    • Complete Tree and Shrub Care, including: planting or removal and fertilization.
    • Edging, including: sidewalks, driveways and other borders
    • Pruning of all Plants
    • Irrigation
    • Spring and Fall Cleanup
    • Weed Control
    • Aeration (reduces soil compaction and thatch build up, increases water penetration and root development
    • Seasonal Color Plantings


    • Complete Landscape Design and Installation
    • Hardscapes: Concrete, Flagstone, Paver, and Fire pits
    • Landscape Planting Design
    • Installation of Sod, Seed or Artificial Turf
    • Softscapes
    • Water Features: All types and Sizes


    • Flower Bed Redesign
    • Revamp sprinklers: (for better overall coverage and less water waste)
    • Repair of sod
    • RV Pads
    • Fire Pits
    • Garden Boxes


    • Revamp sprinklers: (for better overall coverage and less water waste)
    • Repair of broken pipes and heads.
    • Control boxes, installation and maintenance
    • Spring Start-ups and Fall Blow-outs
Tim Rappleye
format_quoteVery professional landscape company. I worked closely with Casey. Him and his crew pay close attention to every detail. You can tell they strive for perfection because their work is near perfect! I will recommend Pinnacle to everyone.
TJ Curtis
format_quotePinnacle Landscape did a remodel of my back yard! They removed a concrete pond structure and installed a beautiful natural pond with several waterfalls. We also had pavers installed with a fire pit and benches. It all is Amazing! Casey Hales has a creative ability like no other. My wife enjoys spending time in the back yard feeding the fish and reading. The job turned out better than we could of ever imagined!! They had a full schedule but were worth the wait to have the job done right. Thanks to Casey and Pinnacle Landscape!
Brown McMillan
format_quotePinnacle Landscape service was a pleasant surprise when I suspected I needed to replace a stop and waste valve just before Christmas. Their response was immediate, friendly and priced reasonably. I truly expected the job to be gruesome and take a couple of days. They dug a hole 4 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft deep, found the problem and replaced the stop and waste in slightly over two hours. I checked the water meter and found it stopped after the repair. Having watched the whole process, I was very pleased to notice the extra care they took to do the job right. In the event of a problem, they warranty their work for a year, which gives me even more security. I'm delighted to recommend them. Casey Hales was honest and pleasant to work with. Wish I knew the names of the two workers, both with years of experience, who worked hard in the cold, among huge rocks to get down to the valve. Thanks so much. I will be happy to use your services whenever they are needed.

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